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Hi, I am Farhad

I grew up in The Netherlands to an immigrant refugee family and currently live the busy life as grown-up in America. One thing I noticed that all of us have in common is our snacking habits. We snack when we’re sad, stressed, busy or bored. The reason we do this is very simple, we hope that it makes us feel better. However, big food brands have been offering Americans uninspired snacking options. The kind that gives you a temporary kick without a long-lasting sense of satisfaction and joy.

“I call it
snacking with sacrifices”.

A feel-good cookie

Sure, everyone has a sweet tooth, but it doesn’t mean that these cravings should be considered a guilty pleasure. In fact, truly great snacks should satisfy those cravings while inspiring joy and happiness throughout your day. At least, that is what eating Stroopwafels felt like to me. I decided to re-invent the purpose of snacking in America by creating the ultimate feel-good cookie. And that is how Sweet Amsterdam was born! Our Stroopwafels combine unique European textures with amazing flavors, better-for-you organic, gluten and dairy free ingredients and artistic designs to inspire happy snacking.