our story

Hi we’re the Sweet Amsterdam team and we grew up in Holland, home of the most delicious cookie in the world, the Stroopwafel. Flash forward several years later and here we are, living the good life as grown ups in America.

That is until one day cravings kicked in and we found ourselves roaming the isles of an American supermarket to find out that there are no Stroopwafels. This was a problem that needed to be fixed once and for all! So we started to make our own hand-made Stroopwafels by serving our near and far neighbors; traversing the streets of Los Angeles in a food truck customized to prepare the best Dutch desserts outside of Holland.

After 3 years of roaming the streets of LA we decided that the best way to make sure everyone in america has access to our Stroopwafels is to start selling it pre-packaged. We went back to the old country to create our own Stroopwafels authentically made in The Netherlands. There was, however, one small problem, some of our friends had allergies.

So we put our creative minds together to create a recipe for a better Stroopwafel. One with organic ingredients that does not contain gluten, dairy or soy while maintaining its unique texture and authentic european flavor! After all what is the point of creating something delicious if you can’t spread the joy to your best friends. Today we are proud to say that we made the most tasty European snack, better!

we’re on a mission

to spread happiness worldwide with each bite of Europe’s most delicious cookie.


our team


Chief Stroopwafel Officer

Farhad is The Stroopwafel Superintendant, in charge of creating and managing the mission of making Europe’s tastiest snack better.


Creative Stroopwafel strategist

Jessanne helps curate and create the stylish Stroopwafel subject matter that makes up Sweet Amsterdam.


Head of Stroopwafel Awareness

Stroopwafel Social superstar, Jordyn, uses the powers of communication and technology to share Stroopwafels with you.